KDW is more than an event; it is a platform to showcase global design sensibilities in Kolkata. The event highlights cultural uniqueness, create commercial opportunities, elevate applied design practices and enhance appreciation for applied design in the city.

KDW comprises of graphic design, installations, photography, light art, music and design talks. This inclusive event is conducted across multiple venues in Kolkata and will target a broad sweep of citizens: professionals, corporates and students.

Why did you think about KDW?.

"Calcutta is a city with art baked into it's DNA - right from our iconic yellow cabs, the magnanimous Victoria memorial and down to the rikshaw pullers and jhalmuri vendors. From the beautiful eyes that adorn Kali to the modern offices in Sector V. We boast of Durga puja, perhaps the most creative festival. There's a sense of design, pride and individuality which comes together to form the sights, sounds and smells that are Calcutta. Hence a design week, dedicated to applied design seemed inevitable.

As a design community we need to be constantly updated, educated and aware of the latest technology and developments in all fields. Today all design verticals are overlapping, and it is essential and beneficial for our personal growth, for inspiration, evolution and for collaborations.

Having the privilege of being a part of some international and national design weeks I was spellbound. I questioned why couldn’t we as Calcuttans create a design week in our city. The design week is envisaged to be a celebration of all that is Calcutta, it is all inclusive, inspiring and inventive. At the end of the day - the event is about you - the Calcuttan, the person who has made this city what it is and which is why I take great pride in inviting each and everyone to come and join us in creating this ecosystem of design" - Kanika Ganeriwalla.

KDW19 was organised by a focused group of professionals comprising of Hemal Kapadia, Kanika Ganeriwalla, Kounteya Sinha, Pawas Shah & Tejas Doshi .